Starting with a car/by car from the international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” you will reach Skorponeria in about one hour and fifteen minutes (1΄.15΄΄). (Attica road and exit in National Road with direction to Lamia (E75)). Coming out to the National Road, there are two choices in order to reach your destination: The “tourist way” and the “bucolic way”.


Tourist: Exit the National Road turning right to the exit to Chalcis. Reaching to the new bridge that leads to the capital of Evia, turn left to the coastal provincial street. A beautiful route next to the sea and through popular tourist resorts, as Drosia and Loukisia (see map).


Bucolic: Pass the exit to Chalcis and continue in the National road. Reaching the second exit to Thebes, come out right and continue towards the village Mouriki. Through the village, you should follow the signs indicating “To Loukisia” or “To Skorponeria” or “To beach Apollonios”. Before you enter in Mouriki, you will see on your left the boundaries of lake Yliki. After the village, lake “Paralimni” will spread on your left, in the root of Ypatio, the mountain that hides in its other side “Skorponeria”. A very beautiful bioreserve, which is worshiped by amateur fishermen. You run through a fertile valley with very rich land, that as the locals pride “even if you plant a stone, it will grow”. Extensive vegetable crops of every kind, vineyards and olive trees. The pastoral element of the region is underlined by the sheepfolds and flocks of sheep and goats. (See map).



Alternatively, from “El. Venizelos”, you may take the new suburban railway ( that takes you to Chalcis in 50 minutes. From that point, the best solution for your transportation to Skorponeria is taking a taxi (it costs approximately 20 Euros)